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Emilio IzquierdoEmilio Izquierdo

Great and fast service, excellent communication. EPs was able to complete the permitting process ahead of schedule and with less trouble than I imagined.

Andrea CanadyAndrea Canady

If you are looking for an express permit do not call this company. I hired them to process my outdoor / indoor trade show permit and they took my money and let my documents sit on everyones desk, they did not follow up or make sure my permits were moving along. They don't return calls and simply do not care. If you want a permit do not use Express Permit Solutions, you will lose sleep. They are the most unprofessional company I ever worked with.

Marilyn LozanoMarilyn Lozano

It's always a pleasure to work with EPS. I engaged them on several projects and they are always ready and willing to assist. They have quick turnaround times when we have needed to get documents to the city. We can always rely on them and their knowledge of the process. They are my go to company for all things regarding permitting!

Olga GomezOlga Gomez

Having worked with multiple expediters throughout the years, I can safely say Express Permits is more than a level above their competitors. They have a professional staff of experienced expediters and they are the only permit company I've come across that offers online access to see the status of your project. Worth every penny.

Edith CatuloEdith Catulo

The staff is very professional and courteous and I like that you can track the permitting process via the web.

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