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Olga GomezOlga Gomez

Having worked with multiple expediters throughout the years, I can safely say Express Permits is more than a level above their competitors. They have a professional staff of experienced expediters and they are the only permit company I've come across that offers online access to see the status of your project. Worth every penny.

David SchwoeglDavid Schwoegl

We have used Express Permit Solutions on over 10 projects this year. They have a consistent track record of handling our plans in an efficient and timely manner. Their attention to detail has proven to be a key to many successful projects. Their knowledge of local municipalities and their requirements has been an asset to working through the permitting process in a timely manner on a regular basis. I know when I use Express Permit Solutions that I am starting off a project on the right foot.

Duanne JordanDuanne Jordan

It was an excellent experience working with Express Permit Solutions. They responded to all my needs, quickly and effectively, while providing great costumer service. Looking forward to working with them again.

Mercedes HendersonMercedes Henderson

We have worked with Express Permit Solutions for the past few years as our business has continued to grow, the great service from Express Permit Solutions has helped us keep up the pace with all the multiple jobs that we run. Always ready to serve and very organized and a phone call away

Dayron CorralesDayron Corrales

I had a 14-month battle on a short-sale property back in 2015 with around $35,000 in liens and violations tied into the property. Chris and his team worked extremely well, not to mention FAST, and was able to manage and resolve the situation and I was finally able to buy the property. I'm not sure about the negative reviews that are posted on here. What I can tell you from my years of experience using EPS, Chris runs an honest business and does everything in his power to make sure his client is satisfied and well taken care of. Customer satisfaction is the main pillar of his company's success.I highly recommend you use this company to resolve any of your permitting needs and you will thank me later for it.

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